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Baofeng Uv-5R Won't Connect To Chirp. Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. Chirp crashed, and now the radio won't receive.

How Program a Baofeng UV5R with CHIRP Software
How Program a Baofeng UV5R with CHIRP Software from

Device manager and look at ports to make sure which com port to use. Then plug the other end into the baofeng radio. But the 'no response' message while trying to connect to the computer might just be a mechanical connection issue.

Open/Run Chirp, Connect Your Baofeng And Plug It Into An Usb Port On Your Computer.

Open up chirp, then plug in your cable, and (with the radio off) plug it into your radio, and then turn the radio on. We recommend that you use chirp for programming your baofeng. Return to chirp and click the radio menu and choose download from radio 6.

First, Connect The Usb End Of The Programming Cable To Your Computer.

Chirp is available on windows, linux, and mac os, so you’re covered no matter what operating system you use. I sometimes have to turn the radio off and on, or make sure that the cable is pushed all the way into the radio. When the radio box opens select the com port your radio is.

The Software There Is Now Tailored For Both Old And New Radios, They’ve Listened And Fixed The Problems.

The serial cable has a ttl converter in it, which needs to get power from something. I always save my frequency list as a chirp file. Once the cable is in, i press the radio down onto the table.

You Might Check The Connection And Connect Your Cable With The Radio More Tightly.

Just download the needed version and install it. Not sure about the red led being on all the time, looks like the ptt switch is stuck. I mean really (hence the yelling), push it hard.

Then I Just Import That Chirp File In Whenever Programming A New Radio.

Turn on your radio and wait for radio activity to stop (if any) this may take several seconds. Your radio is not turned on when trying to program. Make sure the two pin programming cable is all the way seated into the radio.

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