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Can You Replace A Bench Seat With Bucket Seats. That said, you are only able to get bucket seats in the rebel, limited longhorn, limited and of course the trx. The 5yo is placed in the 3rd row to the right, the 2yo behind the drivers seat, the 8yo behind the passenger seat, which allows for my wife to choose between sitting comfortably in the front, or squeese in the middle to keep the 2yo happy when necessary.

TOYOTA Pickup Bench Seat Covers for 198794 Hilux replaces
TOYOTA Pickup Bench Seat Covers for 198794 Hilux replaces from

Or, if you're looking to save some coin, a passenger's side bucket from a junkyard taco will bolt right in. Remove the left front sill plate. “installing a car seat is safe in any allowed seating position.

That Said, You Are Only Able To Get Bucket Seats In The Rebel, Limited Longhorn, Limited And Of Course The Trx.

According to canadian experts, installing a car seat in a bucket seat, as compared to a bench seat, does not change the efficacy and safety of the seat whatsoever. It should take about two hours. Like greencacti said, try a quick search, there are lots of theads and info on this topic.

Later Models Have The Bolt Holes For All Setups.

You will just need to drill your 4 holes for the center tracks and run a bolt through. You can make quite a few seats work. I replaced the factory bench in my 1999 f250 with oem buckets.

Remember Though That The Seats Have Airbag Occupant Sensors.

If the center of the back rest looks square those are 03 seats. Also, people have assumed that the mounting points for the additional bracket are present on bucket equipped vehicles, you would need to remove the panels and maybe some of the carpeting to gain access and secure the new bracket to the vehicle floor. Once the mounts are cut, bolt them to the floor and line up the bucket seat where you want it placed.

I Don’t Know If You Can Change Both Bucket Seats For A Bench But You Can Put A Seat In Between Which Is Available With Several Accessory Shops, Even Some Toyota Dealerships Were Providing One!

It'll bolt right in to replace the 60% wide driver's seat you have. Be sure you get all the plastic pieces around the bottom, seat belts, etc., because none of the bucket seat pieces will work. So as you can see pricing can vary from place to place.

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We are expecting a new addition to our family and it would be so much easier for my oldest to climb in the back to his seat while i can still get the two babies into the 2nd row. The floor holes were predrilled and threaded, positioning was correct, and the mechanical part of the replacement was seamless. Look at your carpet for extra holes for the bench seat especially in the middle.

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