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How To See All Your Roblox Accounts. I didn’t discover it myself. I don't think you are able see the devices connected/logged to your account.

how to get your account deleted on roblox YouTube
how to get your account deleted on roblox YouTube from

Tap the other apps heading to see a list of your installed apps. Here’s an example of a user id, “2784109194”. If you use the same email for all your accounts, then yes.

In Roblox, You Can Change Your Display Name By Navigating To Your Settings And Clicking On The “Edit” Icon Next To “Display Name”.

It also helps to sign out of all sessions too. I didn’t discover it myself. You would find a box appearing that will seek an identification number.

Thenexusavenger (Nexus) January 20, 2016, 7:49Pm #1.

Try the accounts one by one. Secondly, enter your first name in the “first name” field. A user id in roblox is a unique identifier for every account in the game.

If You Don’t Use Emails For All Of Your Accounts, Then No.

Click on “currency purchases” and organize by period to find out all about your past purchases. How do you check your history on roblox? The user “admin” joined on june 30, 2004, with the id of 1.

To Begin With, Make Sure The Roblox Account You Are Currently Signed In Is Up To One Year Old.

Use roblox’s online support form to send your account deletion request. Enter your email address in the email box exactly as it is on the roblox account and press the submit button. Open your account and check your inbox.

We Offer Various Premium Accounts With Free Robux Ranging From 500 To 10,000, As Well As Some Popular Premium Skins That Are Generally Unavailable For Free.

Use the new password to access your account. To view the full list, you may click on see all. To change the roblox password, you will have to click on the forgot password or username button.

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