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Pfizer Covid Vaccine Lot Number Expiration Date. Do not discard vaccine without ensuring the expiration date has passed. 6 months shelf life from manufacturing date):

Lot Number Lookup Vaccine NUNOMBER
Lot Number Lookup Vaccine NUNOMBER from

• if not used within 10 weeks, the vaccine should be discarded odo not store in a standard freezer. Expired vaccine or diluent should never be used. 9/30/2021 lot numbers (en6207, er8734, ew0150, er8729, ew0158, er8727, ew0162, er8733):

Remember, Always Check The Product’s Expiration Dates Prior To Administering.

M&d will begin redistributing pfizer vaccine with the updated expiration dates detailed below, until all of these doses with extended dates have been ordered: Report expired vaccine please promptly report any expired vaccine. Date on the label is not the expiration date.

Vaccine Expires 9 Months After The Manufacture Date.

Files will be updated on a daily basis monday through friday as new lots are released by each manufacturer or as updates are made to the lot expiration dates. Nursing immunization [injection #2] documentation ☐ manufacturer: You can scan the qr code on the vial or carton, or check the lot number on the manufacturer's website.

The Qr Code On The Label Is A Link To The Eua Factsheet.

Print reset 12/17/2020 reconcile invento quantity vaccine exp date number on hand physical inventory 5 through 11 years formulation (orange cap) o formulation does not have expiration printed on vial o instead, each vial has the lot number and date of manufacture. Again, the date on the label is not the expiration date. 6 months shelf life from manufacturing date):

The Vaccine Expires On The Last Day Of The 9Th Month;

The expir ation date is also uploaded to the mcir outbreak inventory. For pfizer and moderna, immediately remove and properly dispose of expired doses as medical waste in. ☐right deltoid ☐left deltoid ☐[other] lot.

5 Through 11 Years Formulation (Orange Cap) Formulation Does Not Have Expiration Printed On Vial.

Vaccine may be stored until the expiration date. As additional stability data become available, the expiration dates for some products may change. Product name*, date of dose(s), vaccine lot number, patient’s date of birth, the clinic/location or medical provider’s name, and possibly an iis reference number.

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