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What Is The Best Genshin Impact Team. He works best when used with a secondary dps carry. In addition to his unbreakable shield, zhongli can be a better support with the.

Genshin Impact The Best Characters For New Players
Genshin Impact The Best Characters For New Players from

Even if you decide not to use aloy, kaeya is a fine cryo addition to your thoma team. After a lot of speculation and leaks, kamisato ayato has finally arrived as a playable character in genshin impact, leaving players wondering what the best team compositions for ayato are. He works best when used with a secondary dps carry.

Ayato Synergizes Very Well With Beidou.

Learn how to make the best party! The best supporter for a cryo element team in genshin impact would be kaeya, who can create multiple reactions and double up your overall damage. This is a guide to making the best party in genshin impact.

After A Lot Of Speculation And Leaks, Kamisato Ayato Has Finally Arrived As A Playable Character In Genshin Impact, Leaving Players Wondering What The Best Team Compositions For Ayato Are. is a database and tier list for the genshin impact game for pc, switch, playstation 4, and mobile game app on ios and android. The elder brother of kamisato ayaka and head of the kamisato clan, ayato is a hydro character. The best genshin impact sara build centres around her.

Ayato Was Added To Genshin Impact On March 30 As Part Of The Game’s 2.6 Update.

He works best when used with a secondary dps carry. This is a guide for making the best team and party setup in genshin impact. Now this team is the ultimate geo team with three out of four having geo vision.

Even If You Decide Not To Use Aloy, Kaeya Is A Fine Cryo Addition To Your Thoma Team. is not affiliated with or endorsed by mihoyo. Kujou sara, bennett, & xinyan. The best team compositions for jean

Xiao Deals A Ton Of Aoe Anemo Damage And Can Execute A Lot Of Plunge Attacks.

As for healers, you can go either with qiqi for elemental synergies or jean for solid anemo support. This includes popular / meta teams, best elemental reaction parties, team builds, combos, resonance &. ☆ everything happening in version 2.6.

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